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Ski in Winter

Ski touring, off pistes. Écrins. Queyras. Ubaye. Cerces. Savoie.

I will teach ski touring basics for the beginners and we can learn further the use of safety gear, the choice of the track, the snows layers and the wildlife around us. I will chose tour according the ski level of each one in order ta have the best experience as possible. And not try a few days tour ?

Routes examples

Ski touring

Ski de rando

Just try, this is not so hard ! Hike at our own rhythm, step by step following your breathe. Enjoy nature, peace and silence. A perfect day for the brain and the body. A well deserve way down is about to happen !



I will choose the best places for you and your fat skis ! It’s time to ski and enjoy powder snow ! What else ?

Ski raid

Raid à ski

Take several days to make a real and benefit break in our busy life ! Bye bye cars, noise, nets and welcome to a wild white nature. It’s like being on another planet !